About Us

Our vision at As Dew is to share nature’s best gift - pure, clean, healthy and tasty water with everyone. We strive to develop eco-friendly, sustainable & inexpensive methods to clean, purify and enhance drinking water.

Water for Health, for Healing, the Source of Longevity

Water is absolutely fundamental to life. Human body is not only made up mostly of water, it also requires continuous supply of water to function. While human can survive up to 3 weeks without food, human cannot survive more than 3 days without water.

Many doctors and scientists around the world also recognise water as the best medicine. Drinking sufficient quantity of good quality water can prevent and even cure many illnesses. On the other hand, consumption of contaminated unclean drinking water had been responsible for millions of deaths throughout history. Our health is dependent on drinking food clean water every day.

Water is the most precious gift of nature to mankind. Yet population explosion, industrialization and environmental pollution have all caused significant damage and contamination to this essential and biggest gift. Our drinking water is no longer clear, pure, free of chemicals or bacteria contamination. Everyone needs clean, healthy, pure and tasty drinking water in order to enjoy healthy life.


Following years of extensive researches and studies, in line with our three company core values.


As Dew have developed a number of environmentally responsible and affordable products so clean, tasty, healthy and pure drinking water can be readily enjoyed by everyone.