Customers Testimonies

Mr. Christian, Melbourne, Australia

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the As Dew water filter system.

Firstly, it is so discreet. It takes up hardly any room under our kitchen bench and has a nice little tap I find easy to use with just one finger.

Most importantly though for me is the taste of the water. It has remained consistent throughout the life of the filters.

I find myself filling up bottles to take with me and I am looking forward to putting in the As Dew system at home.

Ms. Sarah, Melbourne, Australia

“Water is the source of life!”

“Good Water is the foundation of good health!”

After understanding and accepting these health principals, I have always paid special attention and care to the quality of our drinking water. Even living in the best clean country of Australia where most people would drink water straight out of water tap, I am still worried about the numerous germs, virus, silts, heavy metals as well as excessive amount of chlorine bleach used in our drinking water supply. Day in and day out, these contaminants will accumulate into our body, blood circulatory system and damage our organs. Therefore, I believe it’s very important to have a reliable and reputable water filtration system in our home.

For over 10 years, I have personally used as well as sold numerous brands of water filtration systems made in different countries from Germany, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan to South Korea. I constantly searching and testing different type of filtration systems with different pricing levels as well as kinds of cleaning and maintenances.

In 2016 after Dr David, developer and supplier of As Dew Water Filtration System personally explained the technologies and materials behind As Dew filtration cartridges, I was very keen to have his system installed at my home (replacing an existing system). I have since personally experienced the Extraordinary Water Filtration System with the Extra Volume, Extra Lasting, Extra Safe, Extra Hygiene, Extra Easy and Extra Saving. As Dew Water Filtration stands above all other Water Filtration Systems. I have also introduced As Dew Water Filtration System to friends and relatives both in Australia and China, all of them have been extremely happy with quality of the filtered water.

Our family now not only enjoy As Dew filtered water for our daily cooking, drinking and washing fruits/vegetables needs, we also use filtered water while washing faces, brushing teeth as well rinse our plates and cutleries.

Finally, I like to thank the caring Dr David who continue to promote and encourage all to enjoy clean, healthy and tasty water daily. His team of researchers and developers worked for many years to develop and build a super-efficient yet very affordable water filtration system to provide clean, alkalinised and energized for all to enjoy so we can all have good health and enjoy life.

Ms. Linda, Hangzhou, China

With higher standard of living, demands of high quality drinking water, Water Filtration System is really an essential part of modern life.

Prior of purchasing As Dew Water Filtration System. I had an Amway eSpring Water Purifier. The biggest problem with eSpring was quantity of water, even just barely sufficient quantity for drinking water already required 2 change of filter cartridge each year which were not cheap.

I learnt As Dew Water Filtration System could provide huge amount of filtered water, furthermore As Dew utilized dual cartridges (stages) to provide clean and healthy water. Together with the very reasonable price, I decided to try As Dew Filtration System. I have now also installed As Dew Water Filtration System at my father’s home.

I have not only used As Dew filtered water for drinking, also for cooking and other activities in the kitchen. I have even decided to use As Dew Filtered Water for my washing machine. In the past, I had always used Fabric Softener however since using As Dew filtered water, I no longer need to add Fabric Softener, yet washed clothes remained soft and comfortable.

When new stock arrives, I am looking forward to installing another As Dew Water Filtration System in my office.

Ms. W, Guangzhou, China

We all know the water from our tap is no longer very clean. I live in an apartment with water pipes almost 50 years old therefore whenever we turn on the tap there is strong rusty smell which worried us constantly. We would never drink any tap water unless it had been boiled. A few years earlier, my uncle arranged for a friend in Hong Kong to purchase and ship a Panasonic water filtration system for us however as it only produced 5 litres of filtered water each time which cannot provide sufficient drinking water for our large household.

In 2016 when my Australia uncle installed As Dew Water Filtration in his home which provided 30,000 litres of filtered alkaline energized water each year, he also shipped 1 set of Deluxe As Dew Water Filtration System to us. My husband was super excited and installed the system immediately. We could drink the filtered water directly which tasted so sweet, without any odour or awful taste, just like the bottled mineral water. Our whole household were excited to inform uncle that we now have good clean and healthy water for him to drink whenever he come back to China to visit us.

My uncle told us to use as much filtered water as needed from drinking, to cooking and washing fruits and vegetables since As Dew water filters will last a whole year. To ensure good drinking water quality and taste, uncle promised to ship new sets of replacement filter cartridges every year so all of us can clean and healthy water.

Finally, I hope As Dew Water Filtration System will soon be available in China so our relatives in Guangzhou and even our old home in Jiangxi can easily purchase As Dew Water Filtration System so more people and friends can enjoy this healthy and tasty water.