Frequently Asked Questions

This is the section where you can get answers to your questions and queries. Here are some questions that are frequently asked, if your question does not gets answered here, you can contact us, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.
1Why do we need a water filtration system?

Water is essential for living. The tap water is not clean as it contains harmful compounds such as lead, chlorine etc. the tap water that is unfiltered can expose a person’s immune system to severe diseases this is a water filtration system is needed to ensure that you consume only clean and hygienic water.

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2What kind of impurities is the As Dew Water Filtration System capable of removing?

As Dew Water Filtration System is a highly efficient water filtration system. The compact 2 stage under-sink As Dew Water Filtration efficiently remove all sediments, silt, dirt, rust, parasitic cyst including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, microbes, algae as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as pesticide and solvents, chemicals and heavy metals including chlorine, lead, mercury and pharmaceuticals from municipality tap water into clean, pure and tasty drinking water.

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3How is the extra volume feature beneficial?

Each person each day require 15 litres of good filtered water for drinking, cooking, making soup, making coffee, making tea and the general kitchen preparation including washing vegetables and fruits. Therefore, a family of 4 will need about 20,000 litres of good filtered water each year. Moreover, cartridges only require replacements every 12 months saving your time and money.

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4Where is As Dew Water Filtration System manufactured?

As Dew Water Filtration System is designed in Australia then manufactured in Taiwan which has the specialised skill and machinery plus high grade raw material required to ensure high quality products.

Some raw materials are sourced and shipped from other countries (e.g. Indonesia and Australia) then shipped Taiwan. Where ever possible NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) certified high grade materials are selected. Similarly, some parts such as the faucet are sourced from China but only NSF approved parts are used.

5If we already have a water filtration system, can it be replaced by the As Dew Water Filtration System?

Yes, of course. It will be a relatively an easier installation since some of the plumbing fittings can be adopted (or easily replaced if wish) while the hole for faucet can be reused.

However As Dew Water Filtration System is different to other water filtration system since the filtration housing, cap and cartridges are unique and patented therefore will not work with any other water filtration system.

6I live in Indonesia where water quality is not as good as Australia, is As Dew Water Filtration System suitable for me?

DEFINITELY YES. As Dew Water Filtration had been designed to be highly efficient to filter out contaminants in water whether be ground water, rain water or stored tank water. Of course, some water may include significant higher levels of dirt or pollutants which may shorten the life expectancy of the water filter cartridges to ensure and maintain satisfactory flow level.

As Dew Water Filtration System had been designed and manufactured to be affordable by most people including developing countries.

7Where can I buy As Dew Water Filtration System?

There are distributors of As Dew Water Filtration System in different countries and regions. We work closely with our wholesaler and distributors to ensure our products can legally be sold in the various countries. In China for example, it took more than 5 years of work to receive Government Health Department approval. Please Contact Us so we can put you I touch with one of our distributors, so you can enjoy healthy, clean and tasty water filtered by As Dew Water Filtration System.

8I already have an expensive water filtration system, will As Dew Water Enhancer work with my existing filtration system?

Most domestic water filtration system use John Guest tubing and connectors which allow As Dew Water Enhancer to be easily added to these systems. As Dew Water Enhancer include John Guest connectors with push-in for John Guest ¼” OD tubing. It is recommended to have Water Enhancer installed post existing water filtration system, just before the faucet.