Chlorine in tap water

Since 1894 when Chlorine was first added to provide “germ-free” water, public water treatment plants worldwide had relied on Chlorination to provide safe water. As it is a cheap yet effective way to kill microorganisms therefore used in almost every public water supply in the world.
Chlorine is added at water treatment plant just before water flow into distribution pipes therefore tap water from at school, home, office, factory all contain chlorine which one can easily smell and taste.

Chlorine is a toxic bleaching agent, a very hazardous and corrosive chemical.

As Chlorine is a super effective agent in killing bacteria, when drinking chlorinated water, it will kill all the good bacteria in intestinal tract which are essential for good health. Chlorine in the gas form is a strong respiratory irritant, even irritate skin. Of course, the pungent odour is unbearable. Chlorine is toxic and dangerous.

Chlorine in drinking water treatment often reacts with organic substances and form disinfection by-products (DBPS) including Trihalomethanes (THMs) and chloramines. DBPs have been reported to be toxic and even carcinogenic thus are extremely harmful to our body. There are several published medical reports which associates THMs with cancer cases.

Should we drink water containing Chlorine?

Fish cannot live in fresh tap water which contain either Chlorine or Chloramine, so should we drink water containing Chlorine? The unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine in tap water often discourage children from drinking sufficient water to keep them healthy. Chlorine should not be part of our drinking water.

Although chlorine in water can be removed after boiling for 15+ mins or aired for 24 hours at room temperature, Chlorine cannot be removed by boiling or airing. In any case, it would be impractical to boil water for such long time, beside wasting a lot of energy, creating more greenhouse gases, the boiling process unintentionally concentrate other impurity and toxins in drinking water.

As Dew water filtration system is an efficient, convenient and affordable way to have Chlorine free water. Utilising unique patently technology by embedding high quality activated carbon in layers which can effectively adsorbs chlorine and chloramine, as well as other contaminants found in tap water.

However not all water filtration cartridges are the same. Laboratory tests showed traditional water filter cartridges, even while new, can only remove 90% of residue chlorine. After 5,000 litres of water filtration, only less than 85% Chlorine residue are removed. In contrast, As Dew Water Filter remove 100% of residue chlorine even after almost 30,000 litres of use.

Enjoy Chlorine free water, enjoy life with good health.