Extra Easy

Water Filtration Systems all require regular replacements of filter cartridges to continue to produce clean water. Yet changing water filter cartridge is a time consuming and difficult task, often hard for the lady of the household to take care on her own.

Traditional water filtration system often requires a wrench tool to unlock cartridge housing before replacing the filter cartridges. Furthermore, with the cartridge housing normally full of water, spillage and flooding of cupboard and floor are disasters one would want to avoid.

Quick and Easy

As Dew Water Filtration system has a patented ‘Quick Twist’ leak-proofed disposable filter cartridge and housing, makes replacing cartridge as easy as changing a light bulb. The process can be done quickly and easily without any wrench or tools; more importantly the enclosed cartridge and housing eliminates any chance of water spillage. The cartridge filter housing is constructed with extra thick wall cartridge housing together with double O rings on top thus ensure it is long lasting and leak proof.


The Extra Easy system of water filtration cartridge replacement offered by As Dew Water Filtration System is a hassle-free system which save you time and give you peace of mind.