Extra Hygiene

As Dew Water Filtration Systems filter cartridges as well as filter cartridge housings (also called cartridge casing) are replaced every twelve months to eliminate secondary contamination.

Traditional Water Filter

Traditional Water Filtration System only changes water filter cartridges, while the housing is left and reused. Cartridge housing must solid and rigid therefore must be constructed with numerous grooves.

These grooves as well as the joints, accumulate a lot of dirt sediments, algae, bacteria and other harmful impurities over times, which are impossible to scrub clean. Since physical cleaning is insufficient, chemicals are often added during cleaning process which will inevitably leaching back into the filtered water. Therefore, even with new filter cartridges in place, secondary contaminants as well the leached chemical residues continue to pollute the filtered water.

Eco Friendly

In contrast, “As dew” water filtration system completely replaces both water filter cartridge and housing together since they are built as one. The complete package of filter cartridge and housing ensure all dirt, sediments, algae, bacteria are disposed and totally removed. Since new cartridge housing is supplied and installed, there is no need to spend hours to scrub clean the old cartridge housing or use harmful and dangerous chemicals which could potentially leach into filtered water.


All filter cartridges and housing together with the quick connect fittings are made with food grade environmentally friendly recyclable plastic, to provide extra hygiene to your family.