As Dew Water Filtration system is an extraordinary water filtration system.

There are numerous water filtration systems on market from the different brands offering different filter technologies from the simple cartridge types, then there are ceramic cartridges, ultra-filtration fibres, reverse osmosis and even UV sterilisation. In addition, there are all sorts of sizes, functions and of course prices. It can be a frustrating process finding the best water filtration system.

“Simple and Affordable” are the two main principles behind the design and making of As Dew Water Filtration. It utilises cutting-edge technology to provide an EXTRA ORDINARY solution to provide clean, pure and tasty water for everyone to day every day.

The compact 2 stage under-sink As Dew Water Filtration efficiently remove all sediments, silt, dirt, rust, parasitic cyst including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, microbes, algae as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as pesticide and solvents, chemicals and heavy metals including chlorine, lead, mercury and pharmaceuticals from municipality tap water into clean, pure and tasty drinking water. It had been designed to effectively function without requiring electricity or produce waste water run-offs. The key is the innovative patented triple action filter cartridges combining with patented leak-proof twist fit disposable cartridge housing bring water filtration system to a new era. Above all, with the advanced technology, As Dew Water Filtration Cartridges last 3 times longer than traditional cartridges, providing huge volume of clean, healthy, pure and tasty water for all your family needs from drinking to cooking to washing vegetables and fruits.